How to do Satyanarayan puja at home, step-by-step

  • When is Satyanarayan puja done: It is often done on full moon days (purnima), but there are no restrictions. Satyanarayan puja can be done on Amavasya (new moon) or Ekadashi also, for example.
  • Why Satyanarayan puja is done: It is to worship a form of Vishnu that embodies truth (Satya). People believe it keeps troubles away and brings success and happiness. That’s why Satyanarayan puja is usually done after marriage, housewarming, and other significant occasions.
  • What time is it done: Preferably the evening (outside Rahu Kaalam)
  • Who can perform Satyanarayan puja: Anyone can do it. It can be done alone.
  • Total time required: 5 hrs (prep: 4 hrs, puja: 1 hr)

Samagri requirements for Satyanarayan puja

For this puja
• Idol of Satyanarayana Swami
• Framed image of Satyanarayana Swami
• Coins : 100 of any kind
For Achamanam
• Tumbler (Pancha-patra) : 1
• Spoon (Udharina) : 1
• Small plate : 1
Puja and Decoration
• Turmeric powder (pasupu): 50g
• Kumkum powder : 50g
• Flowers : 3 varieties of 20 each
• Sandalwood paste
(Gandham): 50g
• Betel Leaves : 10
• Betel Nuts : 10
• Fruits (like Bananas) : at least 4
• Coconuts : 3
• Jaggery (Bellam) : 20g
• Mango Leaves : 20
• Platform or Altar
• Akshintalu (rice mixed with Turmeric): 100g
• Cotton wool
For Diya/Aarti
• Diya Stands (Kundulu) : 2
• Cotton wicks : 4
• Oil or Ghee : 50ml
• Agarbattis : 10
• Aarti Diya with Handle : 1
• Camphor (Karpuram) : 10
• Bell (Ghanti or Ghanta) : 1
For general setup
• Towel or Napkin : 2
• Mats to sit on: 4
• Tray : 1
Thamboolam (Dakshina)
(per guest)
• 3 betel leaves
• 3 betel nuts
• 3 fruits
For Kalasham
• Gold/Silver/Copper Vessel
• Mango or Betel Leaves
• Water
• Rice
• Square shaped cloth to spread
• Blouse piece

Foods (prasadam) for Satyanarayan Puja

Kesari HalwaKosambari
Panchamrutham (mix these): ½ cup milk, ½ cup yogurt, 1 tsp ghee, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp water, 1 chopped banana

Satyanarayana puja setup steps

  1. Hang mango leaves on the door
  2. Place the platform in the north or east section of your home
  3. Apply turmeric and kumkum to the platform, spread a new cloth on top of it, and spread rice evenly on top of that
  4. Prepare the kalasham
  5. Place a betel leaf and the idol on top of it and keep them in front of the kalasham
  6. Apply kumkum and flower garlands to the framed picture and place carefully behind the kalasham
  7. Make a small turmeric ganesha and put on a small plate with a piece of jaggery (for naivedyam)
  8. Light your diyas
  9. Prepare the Sankalpam as per your circumstances to use later during the puja

Satyanarayan puja steps with katha (story) included

Below is the link (in Telugu) we follow for puja steps and to listen to the katha (story):


Post puja steps

  1. Distribute the prasadams to everybody after the puja
  2. Tie the rice, fruit and other items used during the puja, in a cloth (maybe the one used during the puja) and offer it to your local priest. You can do this the evening of the same day or the next day.
  3. Drink the water in the kalasham as theertham (holy water) and/or sprinkle it around the home symbolically purifying it.

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