How to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chavithi) at home, step-by-step

  • When is Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chavithi) in 2019: Sep 2nd, Monday
  • Why is Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated: To celebrate Ganesha’s birth
  • When to do it: Morning (outside Rahu kaalam)
  • Who can do it: Anybody
  • Total time required: 5.5 hours (prep: 4 hours, puja: 1.5 hours)

Samagri requirements for Ganesh Chaturthi

For this puja
• Image of Ganesha
• Leaves: 21 types (ideally)
• Grass blades
For Achamanam
• Tumbler (Pancha-patra) : 1
• Spoon (Udharina) : 1
• Small plate : 1
Puja and Decoration
• Turmeric powder (pasupu): 50g
• Kumkum powder : 50g
• Flowers : 3 varieties of 20 each
• Sandalwood paste (Gandham): 50g
• Betel Leaves : 10
• Betel Nuts : 10
• Fruits (like Bananas) : at least 4
• Coconuts : 2
• Jaggery (Bellam) : 20g
• Mango Leaves : 20
• Platform or Altar
• Akshintalu
(rice mixed w/ Turmeric): 100g
• Cotton wool
For Diya/Aarti
• Diya Stands (Kundulu) : 2
• Cotton wicks : 4
• Oil or Ghee : 50ml
• Agarbattis : 10
• Aarti Diya with Handle : 1
• Camphor (Karpuram) : 10
• Bell (Ghanti or Ghanta) : 1
For general setup
• Towel or Napkin : 2
• Mats to sit on: 4
• Tray : 1
Thamboolam (Dakshina)
(per guest)
• 3 betel leaves
• 3 betel nuts
• 3 fruits

Foods (prasadams) for Ganesh Chaturthi

Garelu (vadas)Undrallu (balls made of rice flour)
Kudumulu (sweet dumplings)Payasam (rice pudding)
Panchamrutham (mix these): ½ cup milk, ½ cup yogurt, 1 tsp ghee, 2 tbsp honey, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp water, 1 chopped banana

Ganesh chaturthi setup steps

  1. Hang mango leaves on the door
  2. Put Ganesha idol on a stand in the north or east section of your home
  3. Make a small turmeric ganesha and put in front of Ganesha idol
  4. Pour rice on a plate, put betel leaves on it
  5. Light agarbattis and your diyas
  6. Prepare the palavelli (umbrella). Apply turmeric and kumkum to palavelli and hang it over the Ganesha idol, decorate it with leaves and fruits.
  7. Put the prasadams (Ganesh Chaturthi foods above) near Ganesha idol
  8. Pour some rice in front of the Ganesha idol
  9. Prepare the Kalasham
  10. Prepare the Sankalpam for your circumstances (location, time, people conducting the puja, etc)

Ganesh Chaturthi puja steps (with story or katha)

Below is the link (in Telugu) we follow for puja steps. The prep above is the same for other language versions of the puja, and you can find YouTube links for those as well!


Next, we listen to the Vinayaka Chavithi katha or story (in Telugu):


Post puja steps

Light lamps in the evenings, and immerse Ganesha in water on 3rd day or 11th day after. Do small puja on 3rd day. If no water body nearby, immerse Ganesha in bucket.

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